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Carfixa offers general maintenance, car repair, and diagnostics delivered all at the comfort of your home or place of business. Not only do we conveniently cater to your needs we hand select our local expert mechanics to meet your standards. Our services provide significant affordability, since our mechanics are mobile,the overhead cost is much lower compared to traditional auto shops.

  • 1. Request quotes by simply providing your location, car, and services wanted.
  • 2. Compare multiple quotes in real time, choose according to best price, business profiles, warranties, and customer reviews.
  • 3.You can easily book your appointment by choosing your mechanic that you selected and clicking "book". Mechanics are available 7 days a week.
  • 4. A service mechanic will begin the job on the scheduled appointment day and time. For safety, we recommend that there be a parking space, driveway, or garage available to preform the task.
  • 5. The service mechanic will bill you after the work is done, you can leave a review and have access to your vehicle maintenance report on your free account dashboard.

  • 1. Time is Valuable. Here at Carfixa convenience doesn't have its cost. Skip the line and let us send you our hand selected certified mechanics.
  • 2. Ease of use. From requesting quotes to selecting one, you'll enjoy the simplicity of online booking and keep your car up to date with service records.
  • 3.Hugh Network. Our mechanics don't carry the overhead like traditional auto shops and car dealerships
  • 4. Trust you can see. As an open platform your welcome to choose your local service mechanic based on price, review, warranty, business profile and certifications.
  • 5. Car service re-imagined. Work directly with a mechanic, they will answer any all question you may have about your car. Choose see how the work is preformed or just relax and enjoy your day while mechanics works outside.

Our mobile mechanics offer a multitude of services ranging from brakes,fluids,check engine lights and much more.

We do not have a shop location where you can bring in your car. Our mechanics will come to you.


Your pricing is determined by local certified mechanics, we strongly believe that competition lowers the cost for our clients, thus we let you compare and analyze multiple prices at once.

Once your job is submitted, our local mechanics are notified. They review your submission and give you a fair market price for the area. You can compare your prices on your account dashboard.

All cancellations/reschedules are done directly with your selected mechanic.

When your car has a problem a mechanic will come to your location to inspect your car. Mechanics often go through a process in which they visually scan and perform tests to prove a part is defective. Based on their diagnosis they will provide recommended services and or service estimates.

Yes of course. You may also want to consider leaving a review and referring the mechanic to friends and family.


Yes. Most mechanics on Carfixa are certified by ASE. Other mechanics are solidified by similar organizations and or have dealer experience. You can view the profile of the mechanic to view all certifications and work history.

All Mechanics undergo a background check. We then verify their skills level by performing a one on one  interview with the mechanic. If passed, mechanics are allowed onto the platform to start accepting jobs from our customers. Mechanics are rated by the customers to keep quality controlled.

Carfixa mechanics are independent automotive technicians that exclusively join our network of professional mobile mechanics. Here mechanics have the freedom to run their businesses without the heavy regulations of other platforms. We generate low prices for our customers by driving up the competition.

Carfixa matches your car request to mechanics that are qualified to work on your vehicle. Some mechanics have experience working on certain cars and our system connects those jobs with those request.


Booking an appointment has never been easier, simply enter your location, car, and service required all from the homepage. Look for the button that says (compare quotes).

You do. Choose from many local qualified mechanics in your area. There are many variables that you can compare when choosing who gets to work on your car. Some aspects can be price, years of experience, customer reviews, profile, ect.

All cancellations are done directly with your chosen mechanic. We recommend that you cancel your appointment more than 24hr prior to your appointment start time. Some mechanics charge cancellation fees. You can cancel your appointment by logging into your account and clicking your chosen mechanic and pressing cancel appointment.

Contact your selected mechanic directly through the message portal on your account dashboard, please allow the mechanic up to 60 minutes, if you have not heard from your mechanic.Please give us a call at 1-866-123-4567 to work with you to resolve the issue.

Mechanics are available 7 days a week, Depending on the availability of parts we tend to do service the same day.


Yes. All mobile mechanics on Carfixa are licensed and have general liability to perform services on your car.

Carfixa Mechanics individually have their own warranties, You can find their warranties by viewing their profile page along with certifications.

To file a claim email us at help@carfixa.com or call us 1-866-123-4567 to resolve the issues
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